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Hug a SysAdmin on July 29th

Being a Systems Administrator can be thankless work. They’re the ones who keep your data flowing, networks pinging and computers booting round the clock, and the cruel hallmark of a great Sysadmin is this:

If they’re doing a good job, you don’t even know they’re doing it.

So we have SysAdmin Appreciation Day – an attempt to recognize the unsung heros of Information Technology. And while a single day of recognition and appreciation doesn’t really undo the countless hours of frustration that can come along with the job, it sure doesn’t hurt either.

This year ThinkGeek has partnered with The Marysue and Geekosystem to sweeten the deal with a SysAdmin Pageant! Nominate your favorite SysAdmin and they could be crowned SysKing or SysQueen of 2011. Winners take home a whole array of prizes, including a 16GB iPad, a fancy red swingline stapler, and an RTFM mug.

If you’d just like to show your Sysadmin love the old fashioned way, I suggest the showering your I.T. department with the following on Friday:

  • Delicious food
  • High fives / Mad Props
  • Cold hard cash
  • Bottles of fermented grain
  • Cake and other tasty treats

What do you have planned for your SysAdmins for this Friday?

System Administration From Your iPhone is Here!

iPhone with System AdministrationWe already have RDC and SSH clients for our Treos, BlackBerry’s, and other devices. Well, now it’s come time for the iPhone to join the leagues. Josh Eckstein, a Virginia Tech sysadmin thought that very same thing and came up with Inco, the system management tool for the iPhone. This little program includes Apache, DNS, SSH, Processes, FileSystem, Shells, and so much more!

Now, when and if I ever break down and buy one of these, this is one program I’ll be sure to install.

The Beta sign up has begun and you can read more about this at www.getinco.com. For you iPhone users, I’d love to hear your feedback once you’re able to use this!