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You’re On My Shirt! cPanel

cpanel exposed!

Running a web server has never been made more simple!  cPanel’s feature rich administration takes the burden out of web hosting. With this control panel, all aspects of web hosting are easily manageable allowing you to set up and manage accounts, view your disk space usage, monitor your bandwidth, and so much more.

Not only does cPanel make web hosting a breeze, it lets you to put your customers in control allowing you the freedom to service more customers. When it comes to DNS, Mail, FTP, CGI scripts, who wants to spend their days fiddling around trying to make all this work flawlessly and seamlessly? Who has time? That’s an easy one! The answer is cPanel.

ServerBeach and cPanel share a common goal. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools that they need to be successful. This common goal is what makes the relationship between ServerBeach and cPanel a smart one. If you’re in the business of web hosting or if you’re looking into getting started, give cPanel a look today!

Hosting Providers, We Challenge You to a Race


PEER 1 President, Fabio Banducci

As many of you know, our parent company PEER 1 participated in the 24 Hours of Lemons endurance race in Kershaw, South Carolina last year. We will be participating in this event again this year at the No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose Louisiana, June 6th to 7th.

This year, PEER 1 is planning something a little different. This year, we are challenging all hosting providers in the state of Texas. Yes, you read correctly: WE WANT YOU!

Are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to participate against PEER 1 in the 24 Hours of Lemons race? Join us June 5th  and 6th at the No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana and let’s find out! So what is 24 Hours of Lemons?

Nasty. Brutish. Not Short Enough.

The crowd. The spectacle. The pall of blue smoke and roasted clutch discs. In all motorsport, no event captures the universal human need to whale on old crapcans and hoover down greasy barbecue like the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Each LeMons race is for cars purchased, fixed up, and track-prepped for a total of 500 dollars or less. But before reaching the grid, you’ll have to survive trials like the Personal-Injury-Lawyer Anti-Slalom, the Marxist-Valet Parking Challenge, and the Wide Open Throttle Rodthrowapalooza. Twelve hours into the race, the car voted People’s Choice is called in and awarded a cash prize; simultaneously, the car voted People’s Curse is called in and summarily destroyed. At the end of 24 hours, a gala awards ceremony plies the survivors with trophies, plaques, and four-figure purses in canvas bags full of nickels. What’s not to like?” — 24 Hours of Lemons website

For requirements, rules, and fees, please visit http://www.24hoursoflemons.com. For track information and location, visit http://www.noproblemraceway.com. For information on the PEER 1 race challenge, contact:

Charnell Pugsley
Community Evangelist

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of PEER 1 and ServerBeach, we’d like to remind you to be good throughout the year or else…

(A big thanks to Travis, one of our developers for PEER1 and owner/operator of Dark Design Pictures. !)

Ubuntu and more at The Beach

ServerBeach is happy to announce a couple of new offerings recently made available to all current customers as well as new. We’ve listened, heard, and have taken action. A new Operating System is now available at ServerBeach – Ubuntu Server (v8.04). This new offering is available on all Category 3 and Category 5 servers.

The Ubuntu Server Edition – built on the solid foundation of Debian which is known for its robust server installations — has a strong heritage for reliable performance and predictable evolution.

The Ubuntu Server Edition can become the backbone of many of the services that a typical business needs to run to be successful.

What else is new? We’ve made our firewall offering available in all of our data centers!

Protect yourself against predators, worms and other malicious activity with the mGuard Smart by Inominate, a fully self-managed hardware firewall that you take control over via an easy-to-use web interface.

Definitely keep your eyes open, we’ve got some more great products to come!

Natuba Gets Back To Its ServerBeach Roots


We are very proud to have our ServerBeach co-founder, Richard Yoo, back in the fold with his latest enterprise, Natuba. This innovative photo sharing company provides a simple way for people to capture and share single photos, whether from a desktop or a mobile phone.

“Our goal is to provide a simple way for people to share their photos and to make this process quick and easy, all based on a stable online environment,” said Richard Yoo, chief executive officer of Natuba. “In order to achieve this, we needed to rethink our network and hosting needs, which brought us to ServerBeach. The level of service and support is higher than what we found elsewhere, and we feel confident that our hosting and network will continue to grow efficiently with us, as our community of users increases.”

Natuba experienced a seamless transition when it moved its business to ServerBeach in September of this year. Since that move, the Natuba site is processing at speeds nearly 16x times faster than before, which means users can now see their photos appear online almost instantly after uploading from their mobile phones.

For more information check out today’s announcement: http://serverbeach.com/aboutus/news.php#d_2008-11-18

ServerBeach Featured on HostReview.com

PEER 1 and ServerBeach has been featured on HostReview.com’s monthly Best Web Hosting Awards list for November 2008. PEER 1 ranked No. 1 in the “Best Managed Hosting Service” category, and ServerBeach is listed both as No. 6 in the “The Fastest Growing Company” category and as No. 9 in the “Best Dedicated Server Package” category.

The Best Managed Hosting Service award identifies companies with best performance through the last month, weighing the overall presence of the company and equipment procurement, provisioning and installation, and network monitoring and management capabilities. Fastest Growing awards showcase fast-moving companies that are increasing quickly in size and prestige. Best Dedicated Server Package awards highlights companies that offer outstanding performance and value for dedicated servers, considering the price, technology, reliability and overall performance of the hosting company.

A huge thank you to our customers for helping us in achieving these awards!

Vancouver Sun Recognizes PEER 1

The Vancouver Sun recently recognized PEER 1 as one of the 50 fastest-growing BC area businesses in its annual “Top 100” rankings. Of the 50 businesses listed, PEER 1 ranked #39. ServerBeach is a vital part of PEER 1’s hosting services across North America and we’re very proud to have this recognition. We owe this mainly to our great customers, who play the biggest part in our growth and help us continue to offer great service and products.

You can read the full article here: http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/features/businessbc/index.html