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Geek Pride Day Contest Winners

Congratulations to our five Geek Pride Day contest winners!

1. Jason enjoyed towel day by reading some Douglas Adams and playing some minecraft
2. Alex hangs out at work with his friend little Cthulhu
3. Jot shows off his customized Nintendo DS project
4. Jennifer is an indisputable Queen of the Geeks (check her full submission here)
5. Chris keeps a reminder from Marvin the paranoid android close at all times: Don’t Panic!

We had a lot of great entries to the contest, you can check out the rest of them here if you’d like, and let us know your favorites!

Winners will receive an awesome $100 credit at ThinkGeek.com, and we will be sending a free copy of our Map of the Internet poster to all participants. If you submitted a photo please forward your address to me (sboten at serverbeach dot com) so I can get your poster on it’s way as soon as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who entered from all of us at ServerBeach – we definitely got a kick out of all your photos. Until next year – Stay Geeky!

PEER 1 Twitter Trivia Winners


Recently we announced the PEER 1 Quick Hits Twitter contest and we’re happy to announce the winners to date:

Twitter Trivia Day One: PEER 1 Million Hits Video – “Slacker

Flip Video Winner: @geekgiant

PEER 1 Sumo Wrestler T-Shirt: @sapphirelaninja

Twitter Trivia Day Two: PEER 1 Million Hits Video – “Washroom

Flip Video Winner: @garannm

PEER 1 Sumo Wrestler T-Shirt: @donred

Twitter Trivia Day Three: PEER 1 Million Hits Video – “Meeting

Flip Video Winner: @KelByrd

PEER 1 Sumo Wrestler T-Shirt: @the_real_mkb

Congratulations to all of you who have won so far! PEER 1 will be having two more contests at 12:30pm CST (10:30PST/1:30EST) on March 2nd and March 3rd. Follow me (@charnellpugsley) on Twitter for your chance to win!

Million Hits Twitter Contest

Recently we made a blog post about the PEER 1 Million Hits campaign and shared 3 humorous videos. The response to our campaign has been phenominal! To continue on, we’ve decided to take it one step further and create a “Million Hits” Twitter contest. Do you have a Twitter account?

Sign up for Twitter today if you don’t already have an account and if you do, check out our contest details here: http://www.peer1.com/blog/?p=183

ServerBeach Halloween Costume Contest

Today in our office, we had a Halloween costume contest and let me tell you, the ServerBeach employees really know how to have a blast with it! There were some really awesome participants:

  • TJ – our awesome IT Security “dude”, showed up as what we called, one of the Ramones.
  • Trent – our 1st shift Linux tech, came to the contest as a muscular male dancer (I’ll leave it at that).
  • Richard L. – an amazing account manager, was Austin Powers (and boy did he fit the role well!).
  • Tito – who we call “Hollywood” is our one and only IT Inventory/go-to guy was Richard Simmons.
  • Angela – our very own hippy-girl/love child/flower child (she was beautiful as always!).
  • Richard B. – our super-awesome San Antonio Data Center Manager was roadkill.

Some of our developers – Jack, a well built vampire who actually had his vampire teeth custom made, Travis – he was death, Gabe – who never wears anything other than black came in a rainbow colored shirt as a hippy.

And our very own Robert Miggins – joined the fun and showed up as Borat.

Our contest winners:

3rd place – Tito: Richard Simmons

2nd place – TJ: “TJ Ramone”

1st place – Trent: our muscular uh…”dancer”

We all had a great time with lots of laughs! Check out the video and take a peek inside ServerBeach!

Happy Halloween!!