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ServerBeach Halloween Costume Contest

Today in our office, we had a Halloween costume contest and let me tell you, the ServerBeach employees really know how to have a blast with it! There were some really awesome participants:

  • TJ – our awesome IT Security “dude”, showed up as what we called, one of the Ramones.
  • Trent – our 1st shift Linux tech, came to the contest as a muscular male dancer (I’ll leave it at that).
  • Richard L. – an amazing account manager, was Austin Powers (and boy did he fit the role well!).
  • Tito – who we call “Hollywood” is our one and only IT Inventory/go-to guy was Richard Simmons.
  • Angela – our very own hippy-girl/love child/flower child (she was beautiful as always!).
  • Richard B. – our super-awesome San Antonio Data Center Manager was roadkill.

Some of our developers – Jack, a well built vampire who actually had his vampire teeth custom made, Travis – he was death, Gabe – who never wears anything other than black came in a rainbow colored shirt as a hippy.

And our very own Robert Miggins – joined the fun and showed up as Borat.

Our contest winners:

3rd place – Tito: Richard Simmons

2nd place – TJ: “TJ Ramone”

1st place – Trent: our muscular uh…”dancer”

We all had a great time with lots of laughs! Check out the video and take a peek inside ServerBeach!

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Great video. Happy Halloween y’all!

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