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New and Improved Curiously Strong Nicotine

coverConfused? Yes, you read the title correctly. Leave it to a PEER to come up with the wackiest yet coolest gadget around. Our very own Jennifer Van Gorkom from our San Antonio ServerBeach office has masterminded again! As the resident female McGyver, she’s put her “mad electronic skillz” to work.

ServerBeach Developer, Donnie Moore has quit smoking his Marlboros and has taken up vaporized nicotine. (Doctor’s orders) So a little Developer’s magic and voila, Jennifer put the spin on it.

We present to you the JVG-X1 (codename) or otherwise known as The Curiously Strong Nicotine Inhaler


  • USB power
  • Built in battery
  • Recharging circuit
  • Tactical manual switch


It’s not available at the Sharper Image just yet. 😉

Firewalls Now Available at The Beach!

MGuard Smart Hardware Firewall We are proud to offer the MGuard Smart hardware firewall, the smallest security device available delivering amazing security and performance. *

With the growing problem of malicious activity on the Internet, security is a huge concern. To counter this growing issue, ServerBeach has released the mGuard Smart single server hardware firewalls on Category 3 and Category 5 servers.*
To order a mGuard Smart firewall, please contact an account manager or a sales representative at 1-800-741-9939.

* Available as a limited release starting February 25, 2008.
Available only in our San Antonio, TX data center at this time.

So Today is Valentines Day



Many of us no matter the occasion always manage to wait until the very last minute to shop for our loved ones. Today is no different.  So hurry up and go pick something up for the special person in your life – and don’t forget the chocolate!  If you stumble across any cool/geeky/romantic sites up today full of marriage proposals or something else close to that nature, please share!

Happy Valentines Day to All!