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The Return of the ServerBeach Forums

It is with great pleasure today that I officially announce the long anticipated return of the ServerBeach Forums.

Need a hand with your server? Have a service you want to share? Want to stay up to date with the latest news and products? Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see at the Beach? Let us know! The ServerBeach forums are your place to connect with your community – get help, geek out, and let us know what you think of life at the Beach.

We’ve got a new team of moderators standing by and we want to hear from you! Why not get started by registering and introducing yourself?

To celebrate this wonderful news, I thought I’d write a brief history of the online message board, but while doing some research I came across The BBS Documentary, which is a surprisingly engaging eight part mini series documenting the subculture that was spawned by the creation of BBS’ in the early days of the Internet.

The documentary was a labour of love produced by technology historian Jason Scott Sadofsky of textfiles.com. You can watch all eight parts here, courtesy of creative commons.

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