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The Geek (Of The Week) is That-a-Way

SB Assistant DCM brad pearson chillin at The Beach

The beach is That-A-Way

Calling all geeks. Looking for your 15 seconds of fame on the intertubes? Look no further – we want to tell the world your story!

Serverbeach’s GEEK of the WEEK features the stories of our awesome clients alongside those of our own beloved in house geeks. Sarcastic sysadmins, dynamic developers, network macguyvers, wicked webmasters, ethical hackers, obsessive bloggers, gadget fanatics, power gamers and everyone in between. No matter what color hat you wear – as long as you hang out at the beach with a passion for technology, we want your face here.

Convinced? Send us your story! If you’re selected we’ll contact you via email and ask for a mugshot so the world can see exactly what we love about our geeks.

See past Geeks of the Week
Send us your story

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