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MongoDB User Tips for Beginners

MongoDB logoFound on ReadWrite Hack – thanks! Senko Rašić has created a list of tips for MongoDB beginners called MongoDB Gotchas for the Unaware User.Here are some of his helpful tips when working with MongoDB:

  • Use the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version is limited to about 2.5GB of data, and you can’t switch to the 64-bit version after install without starting all over.
  • Have a slave DB on another machine. If your MongoDB instance crashes, you’ll want to recover it from a slave on another server because the data from the master could be hopelessly corrupted.
  • Secure it. MongoDB doesn’t use any authentication by default. If you don’t want the entire world to be able to tamper with your database, you need to setup some security rules.
  • Always use getLastError. “Unless you need lightning speed, it pays to wait a little to be sure the database is ok with your changes, and that there were no errors modifying the data,” Rašić wrote.

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One Response

  1. hi,
    This is Raja. i’m new to mongoDB. i need a date in IST format but its stores in ISODate formate. please give suggestion for how to get MongoDB date in ISTDate format.

    Thanks & Regards,

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