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Need SEO Help? Pear Analytics to Release Beta Soon

San Antonio-based tech startup and ServerBeach customer, Pear Analytics, is releasing a private beta of their re-engineered search engine optimization software, SiteJuice, sometime after the July 4th holiday.

SiteJuice is a simple and fast way to analyze each page of your website to ensure that it is search friendly.  The software is not feature-overload, but rather focuses on the handful of things that are important to organic search.

“We try to find simple and actionable things that you can fix yourself in an afternoon by providing clear instructions,” says Ryan Kelly, founder and CEO.

Kelly says that by analyzing each page of your website, you can target long-tail keywords and drive incremental free traffic to your site, which can be multiplied by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages.

Pear Analytics also designed and developed the free SEO analysis tool on the ServerBeach homepage.  The widget analyzes one page at a time, where SiteJuice analyzes multiple pages at once, and will eventually allow you to save your history and track your progress.

Pear is offering ServerBeach customers exclusive “front of the line” access to the beta by getting an exclusive first-preview before the first wave is released.  Sign up for the beta here.

9 Responses

  1. usally i dont comment on blogs, but now i decided to support this blog with a commnet.

  2. I agree with using long tail keywords across your whole website to increase the amount of on page seo stratagies.

  3. Thank you for the article and thank everyone for submitting their comments because it

    provided additional clarification for me. This information has been extremely helpful


    Md.Alamin Khan

  4. There is now the ability to archive domains and the pages and competitors associated with them. For SEO consultants, this might be useful if you work with several clients and you want to move one into an inactive status. Analysis on those domains, pages and competitors will stop until they are unarchived. Once unarchived, the analysis will resume and all of the previous data will be available.

  5. Who can tell what gray hat seo means?

  6. I agree with using long tail keywords, but I think that short keywords are more powerful.

  7. Why`s that? long tail or short keywords, are all the same for seo

  8. There is now the ability to archive domains and the pages and competitors associated with them.

  9. Thank you very much 😉

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