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WPtouch WordPress plugin – 6 million blogs and growing

ServerBeach customer BraveNewCode.com has developed one of the highest rated WordPress plugins for approximately 6 million WordPress.com blogs each month – WPtouch, a mobile theme for your WordPress website that automatically transforms your WordPress blog into a web-application experience when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or BlackBerry Storm mobile device.

WPtouch was voted the #1 plugin by WordPress users at WordCamp San Francisco and has won the interest of many prominent Bloggers, including Stephen Fry and Leo Laporte. BraveNewCode is a two-man business run by Duane Storey and Dale Mugford who do a lot of large work in the WordPress sphere.

“Our WPtouch WordPress plugin was activated on WordPress.com not long ago, making it the default iPhone theme for about 6 million blogs” says Duane. “We also do WordPress specific design and development for clients, the latest of which was a company called Vision Critical, which was the #1 fastest growing company in BC, Canada last year. “

Listen to Stephen Fry talk about WPtouch in a video here: http://www.bravenewcode.com/2009/09/stephen-fry-talks-about-wptouch-and-wordpress/

Learn about the WPtouch plugin, download it, and give it a try here: http://www.bravenewcode.com/products/wptouch/

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