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ServerBeach Customer Visits, Collects Twitter Promo Gift

New ServerBeach Customer collects his Netbook gift from our 48 Hr Twitter promo.

New ServerBeach customer collects his Netbook gift from our 48 Hr Twitter promo.

For the past few months, we’ve been having weekly 48 Hour Twitter Promos. We’ve given away cool gadgets like an iTouch, SlingBox, NetBook, and Wii.

We shipped out the first round of gadget gifts this past week and we noticed that one of our new customers, Sergio, happened to be local to San Antonio, TX. Rather than ship him his NetBook gift, we called him up and invited him to the office for a “meet-and–greet” with the Beach. Oh, and to also pick up his new toy.
After Sergio’s visit, we received a nice message from him:

“Thank you so much for everything!! You have an amazing team working there and I am extremely happy I made the switch from The Planet to The Beach! 🙂 Hopefully I can have some other members of my team come with me next time and my girlfriend so they can see the core of what I am so passionate about! Thanks again for everything! I enjoyed the visit and meeting with your team and the ServerBeach Family!!”

If you’re thinking about becoming a ServerBeach customer or know someone who should, check out our weekly 48 Hour Twitter Promos every Wednesday at 3pm PST/5PM CST/6PM EST to see what we have in store for you. Twitter gift available one-time per new customer/account.

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