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ServerBeach Takes the Time to Understand Customer Needs

All of us at ServerBeach strive to go above and beyond when it comes to understanding customer needs. Jason Collier from CertFX was kind enough to send us the following feedback, letting us know his reasons for choosing ServerBeach.

“I’ve been running my web-based business for a while now, and one of the biggest decisions I had to make was which company to use as a server company. I chose ServerBeach for a lot of reasons, but the thing that really cinched the deal was that, unlike a lot of companies out there offering similar services, ServerBeach really took the time to understand what I was looking for and then recommend the service/product/answer to a question which was exactly what I was looking for.

My old provider wasn’t the best in terms of providing customer service. Sometimes I would send them questions related to sales or support and they wouldn’t get back for me for hours, or even days. In the high-paced world of internet commerce, that simply doesn’t cut it, and my business was suffering as a result of their being unable to provide quick, direct, and useful support.

All that changed when we moved our business hosting to ServerBeach. Their response time to questions (either sales or support related) has been unparalleled: whatever time of day or night we get in touch with a question or support need, they’re right on the other end of our communications, ready to give us a hand and solve our problems. ServerBeach is always available no matter what my or my colleagues’ questions or support needs, and unlike some hosting companies that come across as not caring one bit about how your business might be suffering due to a hiccup in service provision, ServerBeach has always communicated their understanding of how their business affects MY business – making them one of the best server hosting companies I’ve ever had the luck to deal with.

Of course, we had some practical issues to consider when we made the move to ServerBeach, as well. Money was a big concern, since we’d been paying inflated pricing for sub-par service with other hosts. ServerBeach’s hosting packages are priced competitively, and they have enough tiers of service provision that I was able to discuss (without feeling pressured) which service tier was going to fit the needs of my business and how much that should cost, then elect to take on that service plan.

I think this is uncommon in the arena of web hosting – there are plenty of companies which give you some basic numbers then expect you to be able to sort out what kind of impact your business is going to have on your web use and web traffic, but this feels like a lot of guess work and isn’t at all intuitive for someone who’s not trying to simply replicate a website and move it from one hosting company to another, but actually wants to grow their business in a positive direction and might therefore need more capacity than they historically have as they move forward.

I was impressed by how ServerBeach was able to listen to my plans for my business, then suggest the areas in which we could anticipate growth and direct us to a plan which fit both our current AND future needs.

Since we moved to ServerBeach, our business has been growing well and we’ve had a lot of opportunity to re-evaluate our move. Every time I’ve sat down and compared the headache and frustration of dealing with our old server company to the ease with which our dealings with ServerBeach have taken place, I’m astounded at how much time and energy I used to spend worrying about getting assistance and answers from our old host. Compared to what I put into my dealings with ServerBeach, the time difference is huge. Now that we’re with ServerBeach, I’m able to spend a lot more time concentrating on my business, my staff, and most importantly my customers – so the service is paying for itself not only in terms of the actual cost but also in the benefits my company is reaping as regards the time we spend serving our customers, instead of getting entangled in lengthy, aggravating communications with our old hosting company, which didn’t seem to mind spending hours of our time without giving a satisfactory answer to our questions.

I’m thrilled my company was able to make the move to ServerBeach. Our bottom line has seen improvement since doing so, and equally importantly, we’re all a lot more relaxed and a lot less stressed since we changed over to working with ServerBeach for all our hosting needs.

Thanks, ServerBeach – you’ve really been a lifesaver!”

Thank YOU Jason. When you succeed, we succeed.

4 Responses

  1. Perfect!

  2. Hey this is a very interesting article! Thanks!

  3. Awesome honest review. About pricing, i agree with that, you get what you pay for:) Maybe that’s the answer about questioning why here are more pricey?. But i am sure it deserve in the long run. Ohh and big thanks to Ruben Dominguez , hope to see him promoted asap , he really deserve it;)

  4. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

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