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ServerBeach Flashback: Migrations and Medics


Story by Ryan Murphey, VP, Data Center Operations.

Four and a half years ago I was hired by ServerBeach in the Support department. I was about the twentieth employee, started on a Monday, and the following Monday it was announced that ServerBeach was being sold to PEER 1. We are all given a choice about where we wanted to go. And, even though I’d been there for precisely five working days, I saw a great opportunity with PEER 1. And what I saw got down to the people. The leadership was strong. People really listened to each other. The choice was clear.

It was four years ago this month that we migrated ServerBeach out of Rackspace in the Herndon, Virginia center. And about two and a half years after that, we migrated out of Rackspace San Antonio and severed the last remaining ties with Rackspace as far as shared services were concerned. We moved 1800 servers over Labour Day weekend. It was a great showing of team work, really impressive. A lot of people put in twenty hour shifts to make it happen, and we overcame a lot of hurdles to make it seamless for customers. Even the office manager was hanging around until three o’clock in the morning.

We made two trips to the emergency room during that switchover. One of the techs from L.A. stabbed himself in the leg with a blade. Darren Fransella was cutting cables and cut his hand in the process — of course, this is why we should never let developers have the tools. But it goes to prove that we’ve got people who do whatever it takes – and they keep going. And that’s what I see here time and time again. We’re not afraid to work. Everyone pitches in, whether that means taking out the garbage, picking up the phone, or voicing your opinion.

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