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You’re On My Shirt! SpawnPoint


SpawnPoint is one of the largest public gaming communities on the Internet. If you’re a hardcore gamer then you already know who I’m talking about and if you don’t – give them a look because SpawnPoint.com is THE place for gamers to be!

Whether it’s information you’re looking for about a video game or gaming console such as XBox, Wii, PlayStation, PC, you’ll find it on SpawnPoint.com. If you’re more interested in gaming Forums, Videos, Blogs, and Clans, they’ve got that covered too! Don’t forget the downloads! Whatever you’re in search of, you can bet SpawnPoint has it covered.

Register at SpawnPoint.com, create a Clan, and join their game servers today!

Oh, and one more thing:


18 Responses

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  2. Yeah, Spawnpoint! Wooo!


  3. I have been with Spawnpoint for a year and a half and I am currently a site mod, I have never been with a better community before.

    And I second Toph’s comment,


  4. I have this T-Shirt too. Umm! Very comfortable – super awesome !!!

  5. I agree with you all! SpawnPoint has a GREAT community and the T-Shirt that they sent me totally rocks! Not to mention, the people I’ve communicated with from PHXX/SpawnPoint are awesome!

    Charnell Pugsley
    Community Evangelist

    PEER 1
    Direct: 210.798.4413
    Cell: 210.288-4410
    Fax: 210.798.0109

    Web – http://www.peer1.com | http://www.serverbeach.com
    Blog – http://www.peer1.com/blog | https://serverbeach.wordpress.com


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  7. Nice looking shirt!

    We have a new site launching in a week or so, and will be attending the GDC event in San Fran.

    Stay tuned!

    Thanks Charnell!

  8. I love my t-shirt, the website and servers are great too, it’s why I live there.

  9. Hey Tony, thanks for stopping by and letting all the readers know that SpawnPoint will be at GDC in San Francisco this year! This is good to know!

    Can’t wait to see the new site launch!

  10. Hi,

    I’m the Community Manager @ SpawnPoint.com and have to admit that the place would certainly not be the same without the support of places like Serverbeach & Peer1.

    Here’s to a continued fruitful relationship…and I concur, the T-Shirt suits you 😀

  11. SpawnPoint is the greatest. Good servers, good people, good fun.

    I’m a Junior Mod and have been on SpawnPoint for about 1 year and 8 months and I’ve had a blast.





  13. I have been here at Spawnpoint for just over 2 years now, getting to know way things work I have found that its a great place to come, chat and get along with people. I have been part of other ‘big’ communities in the past and Spawnpoint by far is the best. Working as part of the editorial team and helping with admin on some of the servers as well means I am practically here all the time. And currently setting up a clan with some regulars and others which have never visited before shows there is room to grow.

    Let me put it simply, as long as Spawnpoint is here im here, 😉


  14. Hi Scott, thanks for sharing your comment. It’s always great to hear about people who are truly happy about what they’re doing. Especially in today’s society.


  15. Rob – thanks for your comment. We certainly look forward to keeping the strong relationship that we have with SpawnPoint and watching the continued success of your services and community!


  16. I’ve been with Spawnpoint for over three years now and I’ve gotta say, it’s amazing. The people are extremely friendly, and the servers always have people on them. It’s truly a wonderful community to be a part of.


  17. SpawnPoint 4.5 is now launched:


    Checkout our servers page:


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