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Natuba Gets Back To Its ServerBeach Roots


We are very proud to have our ServerBeach co-founder, Richard Yoo, back in the fold with his latest enterprise, Natuba. This innovative photo sharing company provides a simple way for people to capture and share single photos, whether from a desktop or a mobile phone.

“Our goal is to provide a simple way for people to share their photos and to make this process quick and easy, all based on a stable online environment,” said Richard Yoo, chief executive officer of Natuba. “In order to achieve this, we needed to rethink our network and hosting needs, which brought us to ServerBeach. The level of service and support is higher than what we found elsewhere, and we feel confident that our hosting and network will continue to grow efficiently with us, as our community of users increases.”

Natuba experienced a seamless transition when it moved its business to ServerBeach in September of this year. Since that move, the Natuba site is processing at speeds nearly 16x times faster than before, which means users can now see their photos appear online almost instantly after uploading from their mobile phones.

For more information check out today’s announcement: http://serverbeach.com/aboutus/news.php#d_2008-11-18

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