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Icanhaz WordCamp 2008!

Charnell Pugsley, Matt Mullenweg, and Joe Rodriguez

This year, ServerBeach sponsored the San Francisco WordCamp 2008 and it was a great success! WordPress users travel from all over the world to attend these WordCamps and it really is great to see the dedication, humor, and unique perspectives these people bring.

“The idea behind Wordcamp is to set the tone for the following year. We want to expose you to the ideas that WordPress has been thinking about over the last year. In turn, it’s the audience’s chance to connect on a personal level with WordPress. It’s 100% user-driven, so here’s your chance.” -Matt Mullenweg

ServerBeach swag table at WordCamp 2008.

The event began with a private dinner for speakers with Automattic and ended with a WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt. Generally WordCamp is a 2 day event, but this year they had 2 sessions going on at once throughout the day – the technical sessions for developers that gives a ‘behind the scenes’ view of coding with discussion and sessions for the WordPress users and supporters with a lot of talk about the applications.

This years speakers included the following:

  • The Future of Education and WordPress
  • SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make – Stephan Spencer
  • Open Source Business Models – Stephen O’Grady
  • Andy Skelton – A musical performance
  • LOLcats and the Secret of Virality
  • WordPress & Microformats
  • Switching to WordPress Painlessly – Lloyd Budd
  • 450 WordPress Power User Tips – Lorelle VanFossen
  • Hassle-free Upgrades – Sam Bauers
  • State of the Word – Matt Mullenweg
  • Get Friendly with BuddyPress – Andy Peatling
  • Democratizing the Web through Global Voices – Jeremy Clarke
  • An interview with Om Malik
  • Riding the Crazyhorse – Liz Danzico and Jane Wells
  • A musical performance by Chuck Lewis aka SEO Rapper
  • Kicking Ass and Creating Passionate Users – Kathy Sierra

Ben Huh, CEO of Icanhascheezburger gave an awesome presentation on the Secret of Virality. “Virality is based on people’s good will. You want to maintain trust and good will. Have an honest relationship with your users. You get real traffic from people who will come back. Don’t be like a telemarketer.” He ended with quite a bold statement, calling it his “Final Words of Wisdom”, that I cannot post on here, but you can view his presentation in full by heading over to the ZDNet Blog.

Another interesting presentation was Aaron Brazell, lead editor at technosailor.com who touched on Search and Findability.

Findability is not SEO. SEO is an aspect of Findability. SEO makes a blog findable for search engines. Really, Findability is all about the right data being available to the reader, whether that reader is human or a machine (search engines). To that end, theme structure is a major area of concerns. Theme developers can setup their themes to have related posts or popular posts functionality, as well as attention to search implementation. I suggest theme authors should provide search results in full format, and not simply excerpts.

More of these presentations can be found by doing a search for “WordPress 2008” and if you’re into blogging, SEO, or just learning how social networking can help you, I highly recommend checking some of these out.

To end the weekend of events, there was the scavenger hunt. The hunt was made up of 11 teams of four which purpose was to raise money for 826 Valencia, an organization which offers free educational programs to encourage students to improve their writing skills. The teams raced all over San Francisco for hours trying to solve the clues and take pictures of themselves in front of the treasures and upload them to Flickr.

We’ve also posted some of our personal pictures taken from the event on the PEER 1 Community.

4 Responses

  1. Looks like it was another great WordCamp event! Congrats to everyone involved in bringing this event together.

  2. It was definitely great! There were a lot of great presentations and much to be learned. Great people, great food, great fun!

  3. I should have went to wordcamp “damn oracle schedules”

    those shirts look so cool….

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