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ServerBeach Offers Remote Data Backup Service

We’ve had  a lot of interest in the past about remote data backup services from ServerBeach customers. We’ve been working on a solution and are happy to announce that we now have a disaster recovery offering you can take advantage of. IBM Tivoli® to EMC2® SAN Backup Service is now available to Beach customers. Until now, this service was only available to PEER 1 (our parent company) Managed Hosting customers. Remote backup allows you to protect your data and avoid critical downtime and losses in revenue, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mission-critical data is safe and recoverable. Here’s how it works:

Your data is stored in a remote PEER 1 Data Center located in Atlanta GA, Miami FL or Fremont CA on a high performance storage area network (SAN). You get full backups of non-excluded data and progressive incremental backups of changed data. Your server hard drive can be set for secure, encrypted daily or weekly backups. You can:

  • Recover from hardware failures.
  • Reverse human errors from deletions of files or directories.
  • Recover from damaged disk or data loss.
  • Enjoy enterprise level reliability and availability at a low price.

If you are interested in adding remote backup to your current hosting solution, please call your Beach rep at 1.800.741.9939.

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