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Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets, Oh My!

This morning I read an article about CNET News.com reporter Daniel Terdiman who goes by the online name Geek Gestalt, and his road trip. Always being out and about on the Internet, I’ve seen similar posts about people and their travels, however this particular trip kept my interest due to all the cool little gadgets and toys that he carried with him and his experience with each.

This is his third year in a row making these road trips and this year he covered the South, stopping at sites including the Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Fla. His travels also included the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky and a UPS global distribution center that’s a veritable maze of conveyor belts. He paid a visit to New Orleans to gauge how the city is faring post-Katrina. And of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without traveling to Graceland.You can read more about his adventures here and view his photos he’s posted during his journey while getting a view of some wonderful places that we have here in the South.

Have any of you done something similar? Feel free to share your links to your journeys and tell us all the cool little gadgets you used along the way.

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