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YouTube’s Chad Hurley Talks About ServerBeach Hosting Plan

Chad Hurely Discusses ServerBeach

Liz Gannes on NewTeeVee reports on YouTube CEO Chad Hurley who addressed an audience at a recent Startup2Startup dinner in Palo Alto. Chad discussed how YouTube started, including the ServerBeach $129/mo unlimited data plan they used. It was all caught on tape. Here is an excerpt:

ServerBeach had two pipes, one for redundancy, and YouTube was using one and a half of them, with rest of its customers limited to just half of the one left. ServerBeach had a great plan, $129 month for unlimited data. “They weren’t necessarily prepared for a service like YouTube.”

He’s right. We weren’t quite ready for their explosive growth, but found a way to manage. We captured our sentiments in this tongue-in-cheek video send off to the YouTube gang (who btw, loved it!) after they moved their last servers from the Beach over to Google.

2 Responses

  1. That really is a great story 🙂

  2. I wonder how much bandwidth youtube uses every month?


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