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Firefox 3 Fans Download 9,000 Copies a Minute

    Around the internet, it’s being said that in just five hours, the new version of the Firefox Web browser had as many downloads as its predecessor got during its entire first day.
    Firefox 3 has been in development for nearly 3 years and has been publicly tested since November.

    Tuesday’s release was delayed as visitors checking for the update overloaded Firefox’s Web servers. When Firefox 3 was finally released for download, the Firefox website was distributing nearly 9,000 copies every minute. By Tuesday evening, Firefox 3 had reached 1.6 million downloads.

    Guinness World Records must certify the world records sought by Firefox supporters for the most software downloads in a 24 hour period. This process could take some time, some speculating a week or longer.

    According to AlertSite, an Internet monitoring company, the Firefox website was slow or at times unreachable for approximately 2 hours beginning around 12:45 p.m. ET – which just happened to be 15 minutes before the scheduled release time. Ouch! Luckily, performance improved later in the day.

    Firefox 3 includes several enhancements to help its users organize their frequently visited Web sites and block access to sites known to distribute viruses and other malicious software. Another added feature for users of Yahoo’s mail service is that they can now use Firefox 3 to send e-mail by clicking on a mailto link that is included in a name or contact link on a web page.

    I’m curious to see the Guinness World Records final number.

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    1. V3 Kicks ASS

    2. […] during its entire first day. Firefox 3 has been in development for nearly 3 years and has been puhttps://serverbeach.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/firefox-3-fans-download-9000-copies-a-minute/Once it’s popped it won’t stop – toaster breaks world record BBC NewsAn art student creates a world […]

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