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Tools for Web Developers and Designers

“An effective web design is one in which your users are able to find information quickly and in a logical fashion.”

We all visit websites, leaving many of them quickly for any of the following reasons:

  • Loads too slowly
  • Too hard to navigate around
  • Information you’re searching for seems like a game of hide ‘n seek

If you’re interested in analyzing and optimizing your page layout Six Revisions has posted some extremely useful tools that you can use to help.

A couple of tools listed on that site include –

ClickHeat, which is an open source visual tool for showing “hot” and “cold” zones of a web page. It allows you to see which spots users click on most, and which spots are being ignored

Crazy Egg, who offers a myriad of analytical tools to help you visualize what visitors are doing.

Check out the rest of that list and see if your site can benefit from any of those tools.

3 Responses

  1. If you are interested in fast loading websites, take a quick look at our site.

  2. You might want to look at the SEO functionality on the Bitrix Virtual Lab at http://www.bitrixsoft.com/sitemanager/demo.php. They are a CMS system that delivers on the speed you seek as well as other functionalities.

  3. Thanks Ralph! I’m sure this will be helpful to other readers!

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