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Traveling with a MacBook Air – Be Prepared for Delays


A couple of weeks ago, someone got hassled by airport security – they couldn’t make sense of his MacBook Air. Because the MacBook Air does not look like your every day laptop, it grabs the interest of security personnel, according to the TSA’s Blogger Bob. Why? Its solid state drive. Which means any notebook with a SSD could cause a delay for you if you’re traveling.

Blogger Bob states –

We were able to get our hands on a MacBook Air and run it through the X-ray in our lab. My suspicions were correct. The MacBook does look completely different than your typical laptop or DVD player. I can’t get into specifics of course, but there were a couple of areas on the X-ray that could pique some interest for TSOs.

Read more of his blog post here.

8 Responses

  1. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

  2. That really stinks. I wish they could brief all security about the thing that way the average businessman won’t have to deal with any issues.

  3. hello..

  4. Joshua – I agree. You would think security would be able to (or be forced to) keep up on the latest items that they would expect to see people travel with. Not many people travel without laptops, ipods, pda’s, anymore.

  5. kumoiku – hello!

  6. I find it odd that security did not know what it was. Do they not have television sets at their house? I see the commercial for the Air almost everyday. Looks like the passenger could say, that’s what it is, and then the guard would be like, “Oh yeah now I recognize it”.

  7. crystalblurry – maybe after all the flack they’re getting about this they’ll start keeping up with the times and recognizing things on the fly. I guess when it comes down to security, it’s good to be overly cautious, but … it’s still quite frustrating when you’re delayed at the airport for something as simple as a hard drive.

  8. WOW
    even TSA has a blog these days LOL

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