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Sometimes Being a Web Developer is Just Hard

“Sometimes being a web-developer is just damn hard.” Says a writer from Smashing Magazine. Those of you who are tasked with web development certainly understand that statement.

How often do you find coding is responsible for slowing down your workflow? How many of you spend sleepless nights with pizza and coffee laying around the laptop? The reason says this writer: “with a number of incompatibility issues and quite creative rendering engines it sometimes takes too much time to find a workaround for some problem without addressing browsers with quirky hacks. And that’s where ready-to-use solutions developed by other designers come in handy.”

About a year ago, Smashing Magazine published “53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without“. This year, they’ve published a follow up, “50 new CSS-techniques, ideas and ready-to-use solutions for effective coding.” Many of you already know some of these techniques, but I recommend checking out the article. There may be some techniques that you’re just not aware of that just might help you out.

Happy coding!

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