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Copy a CD for cool $1.5 million

We’ve read the articles, we’ve watched the news stories about the RIAA going after people left and right for illegally downloading music from the internet. Well, it seems that the RIAA also believes that you shouldn’t be able to go to the store and purchase a CD (or buy a CD online) and copy it according to this article.

“Not content with the current (and already massive) statutory damages allowed under copyright law, the RIAA is pushing to expand the provision. The issue is compilations, which now are treated as a single work. In the RIAA’s perfect world, each copied track would count as a separate act of infringement, meaning that a copying a ten-song CD even one time could end up costing a defendant $1.5 million if done willfully. Sound fair? Proportional? Necessary? Not really, but that doesn’t mean it won’t become law.”

The change to statutory damages is contained in the PRO-IP Act that is currently up for consideration in Congress. We’ve reported on the bill before, noting that Google’s top copyright lawyer (and the man who wrote a seven-volume treatise on the subject of copyright law), William Patry, called the bill the most outrageously gluttonous IP bill ever introduced in the US.”

So, if you’ve bought a new CD that holds several of your favorite songs. Want to copy it to carry in your vehicle or to work to listen to? Be careful as it may end up costing a heck of a lot more than what your favorite songs are worth.

I wonder just how far this one will go.

3 Responses

  1. I hope this doesn’t actually go down. There is something called Qtrax coming out, where you can download anysong free legally. I guess they are paying for it via advertizing.


  2. Qtrax is the same old song and dance. Files are wrapped with DRM and have additional restrictions applied to it. They have yet to have any music company sign on yet. Besides, they spent a million and delayed their own advertised launched.

  3. What is the real purpose of this bill? How does the RIAA expect to collect when most people don’t have that kind of cash in the first place? Spending millions to lobby congress to create laws to sue your customer base into oblivion. Yeah that’s a sound business idea….NOT

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