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Good-Bye Twitter, Hello Prologue


Blogging, instant messaging for internal groups, constant communication from online IM’s to cell phone text messages. We all do it, utilizing whatever we can to remain in contact with people.

WordPress, the most dominant player in blogging is about to make some changes in the game with Prologue.

The idea seems to be that if you have multiple bloggers on your WordPress blog, you can now use Twitter-like short messages to chat internally.

“Is it a Twitter-killer? No, not currently anyway, as most Twitterdiction folks are using it for shouting to the public vs. internal messaging.”

Matt Mullenweg comments in the announcement for Prologue stating, “Some folks have suggested that using WordPress, Prologue, and RSS you could create a pretty effective distributed version of Twitter. This isn’t something we’re personally interested in, but we’ve made the theme available as open source under the GPL so if you want to hack around it yourself you’re welcome to. For WordPress.com users the theme is available in your “Presentation” section.”

Take a look at the live demo here

3 Responses

  1. You are correct … sorry about your luck twitter!


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