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Manila Case for the MacBook Air

Apple Manila Case

While this has nothing to do with the web hosting market, code, or anything else related to our market, I came across this new case from Apple and found it to be amusing (I really think it’s cool and different).

Today, Apple unveiled it’s new Manila Case, the world’s thinnest case for the MacBook Air. When it’s empty, the Manila Case measures 0.07-inches at its thinnest point, but the dynamically adaptable height goes up to a maximum of 6.9-inches, fitting perfectly to the MacBook Air shape. The base price starts at $300.00. *gasp*

You can customize the case by changing the color of the string, get an Apple Pencil and an eraser for easy note-taking on the Manila Case surface, a drawing of a landscape, and a aircraft-grade aluminum clip.

So all in all, if you’re so inclined – you can buy yourself a $300.00 manila envelope. *wink*

3 Responses

  1. Actually, the case doesn’t exist.. Gizmodo’s idea of a joke 🙂

  2. It’s interesting that when I read the original article when it first posted on their site, there was nothing mentioned about it not being serious. Perhaps after it attracted so much attention by bloggers, online media companies, and such, they realized that they had better correct it quickly? Who knows. Either way, I’m not impressed with Gizmodo any longer. Thanks for your comment and pointing that out!

  3. Well, I guess it will be reality soon. Reading (again) from Gizmodo’s site: “From demo-ware to humor-ware to hardware in a couple of days, the fabled Manila case for the MacBook Air is now for real. Dubbed AirMail, handmade in vinyl and fleece-lined to protect your precious laptop, it even comes with that cutesy red tie at no extra cost. Of course, you could argue that designers Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans have simply created a fake envelope, but that would be just silly. Available shortly for $29.95 [ManilaMac] “(http://www.manilamac.com/).

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