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Linux: Did You Forget the Command?

Not long ago I posted a list of websites that could help others learn Linux. I found this nifty little article this morning titled “Linux Command Line – v1.1, The most complete and updated list of commands on Linux by LinuxGuide.it – over 350 linux commands!” and thought I’d share as it’s quite an extensive list.

Check it out, I’m certain it’ll come in handy!

7 Responses

  1. Handy commands .. Thanks for Sharing

  2. btw…if you are having troubling remember a command try using man -k [regex]. man will return all pages whose names and short descriptions match.

    Some cli humor, try the following from a shell.
    $ man -k woman


  3. Haha! Thanks for the tip with the man page info. Love the $man -k woman output!

  4. Even a Linux Guru needs a reference book sometimes, that list is definitely a handy pocket reference. Great find !

  5. Whether it’s Linux, Windows, or any other OS, you are correct, we all need something to reference from time to time. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Great list, thanks for sharing

  7. You’re welcome mwilsonemt! I make sure I bookmark all the little pocket reference sites that will help me. Certainly comes in handy!

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