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Co-lo WiFi?

I recently read FCC documents reveal that a future Palm phone code-named Zeppelin has a feature set described as “co-locating WiFi and Radio.” I’m really curious to know what co-locating WiFi is! Being the type of person that Google‘s away until I find my answers, I Google‘d for “co-locating WiFi”, which only brought up the links to the un-announced Palm device.

I could take a bunch of guesses and probably wind up way off base. Remember when Palm still knew how to innovate? If so, than this could speculate that “co-locating WiFi and Radio” could be something pretty cool. Maybe it’s a new type of location-aware service that could use both cell tower triangulation (ex: Google Maps Mobile’s Location service) plus knowledge about the location of a WiFi hot spot to pin-point your location.. or maybe…. oh the possibilities!

So, does anyone have any guesses as to what “co-locating WiFi and radio” could be?

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  1. Indeed it does! I would love to hear others chime in on this.

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