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iPhone – iTouch: Are You Out of Space?

Erica Sadun has posted a great article about “running out of Application space on your iPhone or iTouch“. It seems you have the ability to fool your iPod or iPhone into thinking that you’ve added a Widgets folder by creating a symbolic link.

I find it interesting that people are running out of space for Widgets even though Apple hasn’t officially opened the platform for development. It’s pretty obvious that people are just itching to start working on applications for these devices, so we can expect a lot of cool stuff once Apple releases the official SDK (supposedly in Jan/Feb 2008).

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  1. I recently purchased an iTouch. I use my laptop (running Vista, so please don’t hate me) to load my tunes and videos into the iTouch. Trouble is, I have a lot of necessary business applications and files that I need on the laptop – and the amount of music I have takes up too much room. I want to remove (some of) the music from my laptop and keep it on my iTouch. But because I’m a novice at this, I’m concerned that removing the music from my laptop will effect the music I have on my iTouch when it syncs and recharges. The manuals only talk about syncing music and videos from a Mac or PC, but don’t explain enough about how to control content on either device independent of each other. Does anyone out there have a solution?

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