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Meetro and Social Networking

Social Networking.

What once was ‘ridiculous’ is now used for so many things in todays world. Remember when the idea of meeting someone that you met online was crazy, absurd, and just plain weird? Today these social networking sites are aiming to create tools to allow ordinary people and large businesses create social web sites tailored for their own customers, friends, fans and employees.

Many social networking sites today are too restrictive, limiting what you can and can’t do and do not have much flexibility. Some (most) don’t let people build and design their own online worlds, which is the nature of what people want to do. Popular sites today, such as MySpace and FaceBook cannot cater to, adapt, or bend to the needs of individual brands.

One of the challenges today is getting users to join new social networks. Is it user-friendly? Does it have the tools that you want or need to create your site? Does the social networking site that you plan on using draw enough traffic to get your site noticed or too much traffic that you’ll never been seen? I stumbled across a program yesterday that I found to be pretty slick and thought I’d share.

Meetro, from a Chicago-based company called Meetroduction. Meetro is a location-aware, instant-messaging service, that displays photos and profiles of nearby users based on their proximity to you.

“Ten years ago, the idea of dating people you met off your computer was ridiculous, but now it’s commonplace,” Bragiel said. “Ours is the next bump. People right now are meeting over computers and plan to meet each other. Meetro is dynamic, so if someone shows up in your local area, you can meet up in 10 minutes because they are less than a quarter-mile away.”

Read more about this program at http://www.meetro.com/.

3 Responses

  1. Awesome! That’s a great idea. I hope registration opens soon.

  2. I totally agree with the challenges facing social networks today; The “user-friendly” factor plays a significant role in whether someone signs up on the platform or not.

    I’m administrator for Link to Nashville (http://linktonashville.com/) and I have a hard time getting folks to join. Just like with anything else, be it soccer, poker, or reading, becoming good at on-line social networking requires practice. And Link to Nashville is no different: you have to spend some time – though not much – on there to fully engage with others and the features of the site.

    I would invite those people at Meetroduction, and others, to visit Link to Nashville and connect with me.

    I liked what I read in this post, and there are some powerful minds behind it.

  3. Thanks for your comment! I’ve taken a look around the Link to Nashville site as well as signed up. Good luck with your community and I’ll see you over there!

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