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ServerBeach Customer Shares His HowTo’s

Being a Linux girl, I’m always looking for great HowTo’s here and there around the internet to make server management simple and efficient. Not long ago I asked some of our ServerBeach customers to
share some of their tips and tricks along with anything else that they found extremely useful when it came to their daily or weekly server management tasks.

Long time ServerBeach customer, Tino Didrikson shared with us his ideas regarding backups, Apache’s security, and how to perform a seamless transition using rsync and SSH. This information is something that we all think about often when it comes to server management. Everyone should keep backups of their important data and everyone is concerned about computer security. The following links are from Tino sharing his methods and ideas:

  1. Increasing Apache Securty
  2. Incremental Backup
  3. A seamless transition with rsync and SSH

Tino is a quarter century old computer scientist primarily working for University of Southern Denmark‘s VISL project as an all-round developer on both heavy-duty processing backends and web-facing frontends. He uses his ServerBeach servers for his pJJ Chats, hosting friends/family/guilds, and very recently the translation service GramTrans.

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