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ServerBeach Manager Now a Blogging Monkey

Joe RodriguezOur manager of product engineering, Joe Rodriguez attended WordCamp 07 and came back a blogger! The entire event was a “life changing experience” for him, and he describes it in detail in his first blog post at ServerBeach Monkey.

This year ServerBeach was fortunate enough to attend WordCamp 2007 . For starters, it was great to get a glimpse on the power and impact that both WordPress and open source software community makes on the world. I know that all of us use this stuff on a day-to-day basis to a certain capacity but when you see it, the people, the knowledge, the passion, and creativity all come together it really hits home, its quite exciting to experience.

WordPress congratulations again on your continued success, keep up the great work. In all, all I can say is “WOW” what an incredibly fun learning experience! To be completely honest I have never been much of a blogger but now I am sold. So consider this my first true blog entry! How cool is that? WordPress you make this stuff brainless!!!! Read more

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