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WordPress Goes Online at ServerBeach

Wordpress LogoServerBeach client WordPress had a big month in June. 122k blogs were created, 135k new users joined, and 1.7 million new posts. There is a whole whack of stats that’ll turn your head. Long story short, WP is growing like mad. WP also announced their new servers at ServerBeach’s San Antonio TX data center went online last month. Read more

3 Responses

  1. Congrats! WordPress has really pressed the ‘walled world’ into a virtual ‘WorldCom’!

  2. […] I read Answers.com Joins Netscape¸ WordPress¸ in Ratings Program. It was worth reading WordPress Goes Online at ServerBeach. I wanted to point to Top Blogs. Test post mendis is great. I enjoyed test post […]

  3. […] sponsors this year.  ServerBeach has a long history with the WordPress community, being one of the choice providers for hosting servers for WordPress.com is just a start – ServerBeach also genuinely supports WordPress by sponsoring several WordCamp […]

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