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Is Going Green an Inconvenient Trend?

Dell's Plant a Tree ProgramGreen is the latest trend. And I’m not talking about the upcoming Spring collection. Ever since Al Gore spoke An Inconvenient Truth, and received loud public support from Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of the Hollywood crew, Green is now in. And companies are taking notice and quickly aligning themselves with environmental causes. From Dell helping consumers to plant trees, to Wal-mart vowing to boost energy efficiency and cut down on waste and reduce greenhouse gases. Even small businesses are seizing the opportunity to help consumers make environmentally-friendly choices. Digitech supplies renewable printer toner cartridges to anyone who owns a printer. Reusing printer cartridges saves them from being dumped in landfills where they are left to decompose. They also took their green service one step further by delivering all their printer cartridges to customers via the new Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle.

Liam Eagle on The Whir asks the question of web host and data center operators, “What can you do to go green today?” Increasing energy efficiency in data centers and IT equipment is the goal of The Green Grid, which provides industry standards and measurements for interested companies.

No one will argue that all of us need to be good global citizens. The question is, does a company’s efforts to be green sway your decision when comparison shopping? Would you pay a premium for it? Would you willingly participate in energy-efficient practices like powering down your testing or development servers when not in use, or lease from a data center that runs on Windtricity?

Whether businesses are jumping on the green wagon because its trendy or a core belief, it can only help to make us all more aware and curious of the world we live in. It will be interesting to see how green influences buying behavior over the upcoming years. My feeling is that it will evolve into a standard consumer expectation, just like great quality and excellent customer service.

5 Responses

  1. I don’t think going green is about ROI or what the buyer thinks.

    We went Green because it is the responsible thing to do when we are effecting the globe.

  2. Absolutley, ‘Green’ should have no relation to business practices. It’s all about preserving our planet, so that we can keep going with business and life 😛

  3. I think the “going green” trend is in general a good thing. Who would not want to improve the quality of the environment. There is also a balance between what makes sense economically and turning the world into a “perfect” ecosystem. We must be careful to not overextend ourselves in this honorable effort. I believe it is important to do our part on an individual level but I do not want to see an enormous increase in prices do to companies efforts trying to appease the extreme followers of this trend. I am saying lets be careful in this balance and ensure it does not come back to haunt us.

  4. Kyle, I couldn’t agree with you more. If we’re not careful we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot.

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