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Back in the Office

 Ruben Dominguez

PEER 1 conducted a sales/marketing conference hosted by best selling author and speaker, Michael Vickers. Representatives from co-location, managed hosting, and self-managed hosting flew in from all over North America to meet in the big ATL (Atlanta, GA). It was a conference to help us learn how to better serve our customers and to provide the best possible solution in the industry. It was also a great opportunity for all representatives to meet in one room and interact with each other. While ServerBeach reps were at the conference, we had to leave one brave account manager back in San Antonio, Texas. Our newest Beacher, Ruben Dominguez (pictured here) held down the fort while the rest of the sales team was out in the ATL. Take a bow, Ruben. The customer service team also pitched in and helped. Thank you all! The entire Beach sales team is back and ready to serve you better than ever!

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