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Install Gentoo with RapidRescue

Gentoo LinuxRapidRescue™ is a powerful self-management tool developed in-house by ServerBeach and available to customers free of charge. It allows Linux customers to rescue their self-managed dedicated servers from potentially fatal errors instantly through MyServerBeach. Many customers have taken advantage of this tool to install their own flavor of Linux. One determined ServerBeach customer, Fernando Honig, documented his steps to install Gentoo on his server using RapidRescue™. He has been kind enough to share his Step-by-Step Guide pdf document for download. Thanks Fernando!

4 Responses

  1. You should also add FreeBSD and OpenBSD to the mix, they make extremely stable and efficient machines – great work horses.

  2. Ese no sabe nada eh

  3. Another awesome HowTo for installing Gentoo on a ServerBeach server can be found here:


  4. It would be nice if ServerBeach goes the next step and provides a 64-bit Rescue Mode.

    The current rescue mode environment is 32-bit, which means if you’re paying for a 64-bit system, you will be forced to install a 32-bit gentoo installation, since otherwise you will not be able to get past the chroot portion of the installation from the 32-bit environment to the 64-bit one on the hard disk.

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