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A Meeting for a Better Meeting

SB Meetings It finally happened at the Beach. We thought this day would never come. We held our most productive meeting to date… how to hold a better meeting. I know, sounds unimpressive. But consider how much time you’ve spent in past meetings you’ve participated in, and how much of that time you would say was well spent.

Each of our department heads meet every Monday at 2pm CST to discuss current issues, which can be tough as Mondays tend to be very busy in general. Yesterday, we scrambled at the last minute trying to put an agenda together before the meeting began. As a result, the meeting dragged on way longer than it should have. So we scrapped the agenda completely and started with a new one focused on improving our meetings. This is what we came up with:

  • Move meetings to Tuesdays at 10am CST
  • Department heads submit agenda items for review by the end of each week
  • Submit agenda to our VP, Robert Miggins by 12pm CST the day before for review
  • Limit the meetings to 1 hour – no exceptions!
  • Take turns moderating each meeting to keep team within time and on task

Do you have any more ideas for us? Please share with us what has worked for you.

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