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Fat to Phat Challenge

Robert Miggins weighs in

Richard Lopez weighs in

14 brave ServerBeach employees entered into a weight loss contest. Weigh-in day was January 19th, with final weigh-in day being March 2nd. That gives us 6 weeks to lose weight!

It is $25 per person to enter into the contest, with the goal being to lose the highest percentage of your own body weight. 3rd place breaks even, 2nd place doubles their money and 1st place takes the rest. Today, we are at the halfway mark and here are the biggest losers so far:

  • Darren Fransella (Development) 2.42%
  • Roger Gonzales (Sales) 1.36%
  • Richard Lopez (Account Manager) 1.46%
  • Travis Thomsen (Developer) 1.9%
  • Robert Miggins (VP) 1.76%
  • Adam (Product) 1.54%
  • Joe (Developer) 1%
  • Angela Ramirez (Marketing) 3.45%
  • Javier Enriquez (Sales) 1.46%
  • Murphey (Operations) 1%
  • Sean (Developer) 3.11%
  • Mark (Support) 2%
  • Chris (Developer) 3%
  • Keifer (DC Ops) N/A

We’re on our way from fat to fabulous! Stay tuned for updates.

4 Responses

  1. Geeks, by default, are already fabulous!

  2. insensitive clods, what does serverbeach have against heavy set people, is this the attitude this company wants to portray?

  3. Chill out fatandhappy. Since when was wanting to lose weight and get healthy a bad thing? Doesn’t mean there is anything against heavy set people. They have obviously decided they want to get in shape and are looking to each other for inspiration. I think it’s great!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with being overweight, but you are going to have a shorter life expectancy. My cholesterol is thought the roof so I need to lose weight or my heart is going to explode like a blood sausage.

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